Former ​Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola has heaped praise on Lionel Messi and has shed light on how he operates on the pitch. The Argentine is often regarded as the greatest player of all time for his extraordinary abilities as a footballer.

The Argentine has played 692 times for Barcelona and has 604 goals to his name from them. While he may have scored only one goal so far this season, it has to be noted that he has started only thrice due to struggles with injury.

Meanwhile, Pep Guardiola’s words on the Argentine are doing the rounds on social media. The ​Manchester City manager spoke about the Barcelona captain in a documentary that aired in August and his words seem to have garnered some traction.

Guardiola stated that Messi is always involved and looks to find the weak point in defence and knows exactly how to move to inflict maximum damage on the opposition.

"He's not out of the game. He's involved. Moving his head. Right, left, left, right. He smells who is the weak point of the back four," he was quoted by ​SportBible.

"After five, ten minutes, he has the map. He knows if I move here, here, I will have more space to attack. We are contemporary of that guy. So enjoy it. Lionel Messi, just simply one of a kind. He is so good."

Barcelona will be hoping that he does find the weak points after club football resumes following the international break.