Trent Alexander-Arnold

5 Under-21 Players Who Could Cost Over €100m to Their Next Club

These days, signing a player is harder than it once was. The transfer market values of players just keep skyrocketing to the point that it is now increasingly difficult to judge the accurate value of a player. 

Clubs are actively trying to invest big in young players so that they don’t have to go overboard when those very players hit their peaks. With that in mind, here are five players under the age of 21 who could cost over €100 million for their next club…

5. Matthijs de Ligt

Although he may have only just joined Juventus in the summer for around €80m, there might be more than one reasons for Matthijs De Ligt to make his next move in the near future.

And given that he is one of the most highly-rated young defenders in the world – with 19 international caps to his name at the mere age of 20 – his next club will almost certainly have to pay well over the 100 million mark to secure his signature.

4. Trent Alexander-Arnold

There was once a time when the full-back positions were considered the least important. Anyone who could run fast and hit a cross on the run was put in those positions. 

Now, however, full-backs play a major role in the success of a team. Every Champions League winning team of this decade have had some deadly full-backs and last season was a further testament to that as Trent Alexander-Arnold was simply sensational for champions Liverpool

At 21 years of age, he has already played 97 times for Liverpool and is arguably the best right-back in the world right now and given that Joao Cancelo cost around €60 million this summer, it wouldn’t be a shocker to assume that Trent Alexander-Arnold would hit the nine figure mark in terms of his valuation.

3. Kai Havertz

Bundesliga is a goldmine of talented young footballers. One of them is Kai Havertz. The German is only 20 years of age but his name has been in the limelight for quite a while now. 

The Leverkusen star has already played 115 times for his team and is being chased by some of the biggest clubs in Europe. He recently scored his first goal for Germany and is one of those players who is guaranteed to cost in the 9 figure region once he decides to move to bigger avenues across Europe. 

2. Vinicius Junior

Even before he kicked a ball in Europe, Real Madrid  saw it fit to spend close to €50m for Vinicius Junior. Such is the talented of the Brazilian that the Galacticos instantly closed a deal for him. 

In his first season at the club, he showed why the Merengues rate him so highly. Even though his final product is still raw, he dazzled the Madridistas with his work last season. 

Should he consider leaving down the line, he would definitely cost well over 100m. 

1. Jadon Sancho

Among all the players on this list, Jadon Sancho is one player who is sure to cost over €100m when he decides to leave Dortmund. He is the most coveted young player in the world right now and there is a great reason for it. 

He has already played 66 times for Dortmund and has 18 goals from those games. For England, he has been capped nine times already and he is still 19 years of age, making him the brightest prospect to come out from England for quite a while. 

These are the 5 U21 players who could cost over €100 million