A simple tutorial from YouTuber Wrzzer will give all you gamers the necessary tip that might help you score more goals directly from corners on ​EA Sports' latest release FIFA 20.

In order to do so, Wrzzer suggests that first, you must select a player who has a high curve attribute. For example, ​he uses ​Real Madrid winger Gareth Bale, who has 90 curve on his passing stats.

If you don't have Bale in your team, the Youtuber suggests that ​FC Barcelona hitman ​Lionel Messi (94), Sebastian Giovinco (93), Miralem Pjanic (92) and Hakan Calhanoglu (90) are decent options for taking corners as they have higher ratings with regards to ball curves.

Moving on, the second step after selecting your preferred player is that you must direct your aiming circle for the ball behind the back post from the side you are taking the corner.

Finally, while taking the corner, charge the cross button (square on PS4 or X on XBOX One) for exactly 4 bars, like shown in the below graphic and you will see that the ball will end up in the back of the net from the resultant corner.

Over two million people have watched Wrzzer's official video, with 27,000 people liking the clip.

EA Sports have made some pretty major changes in the way penalties and free-kicks are taken on FIFA 20, and many are struggling to adapt to the new controls.