Paris Saint-Germain superstar ​Neymar Jr has claimed that he has earned respect with his national team Brazil because he has been one of the most important players for his country over the last decade, just like ​Lionel Messi has been for ​FC Barcelona.

Neymar's comments were made in the wake of comments made on him getting preferential treatment in the Brazilian national team and he went on to justify why.

As reported by ​Marca, while speaking in his recent press conference, Neymar said, "I've been in the national team for 10 years. I've always been one of the most important players and one of those who has led the way, as I never hid and I always did well with the national team."

He revealed why he deserves this treatment, Neymar said, "When a player has this performance, it's normal to have a different treatment."

Comparing his situation with Messi's at Barcelona, the Brazilian striker said, "At Barcelona, Messi has a different treatment. Does he have it for being more handsome? No, it is for what he has done. I say this not only for myself, but for all the players that reach this level."

Neymar will celebrate his 100th game with Brazil in the friendly against Senegal, which is due to take place on Thursday.