​FC Barcelona legend ​Lionel Messi has revealed that he had a word with Paris Saint-Germain star ​Neymar Jr during the summer and got the impression that the Brazilian maestro realises that he made a mistake by moving to France.

As reported by ​AS, Messi gave a lengthy interview with RAC1 in which he discussed various topics, including Neymar and the ​arrival of Antoine Griezmann at Camp Nou during the summer. He also spoke about his teammate Gerard Pique.

Starting by talking about Neymar, Messi said, "He (Neymar) is one of the best, he’s different, he does things nobody expects. Having him in our team would give us more options. But aside from the sporting side of things, he left in the way that he left. We could have left it at that. A lot of the fans didn’t want him to come back and that’s understandable."

Revealing if he thinks Neymar realised pretty soon that he had made a mistake by leaving Barcelona, Messi stated, "You’d have to ask him but I think that’s the case. Knowing him as I do and seeing what he’s going through I’d say that was the case.”

Finally, Messi was asked if he had any influence over convincing Barcelona to re-sign Neymar. He said, "Although many people seem to think I’m in charge of signing players and sacking coaches, I wasn’t involved. I spoke to Ney and got the impression he wanted to come back but I only heard his side of the story and nobody else’s."