iralem Pjanic has claimed that ​Juventus are the best team in Italy right now, and they thoroughly deserved to win the Derby D’Italia. ​Inter Milan were off to a cracking start to the season, but Juventus are back on top of the​ Serie A table, and Pjanic believes they are in their rightful place.

Pjanic has been one of Juve's most important players this season and has already scored twice, helping the Bianconeri to two crucial wins.

In an interview that Pjanic gave to ​Radio Sarajevo, the Bosnian talked about the ongoing Serie A campaign following Juve's win over Inter.

He said: "My dream is to be among the best in the world, we are working on it and I am happy with how I am going. Among the best against Inter? I admit that everything went well."

“We deservedly beat Inter 2-1, and we finally got to the top spot in Serie A. I think our team is definitely the best in Italy, we want to be at the top of the standings and on Sunday we are where we need to be."

“We want to focus on all the trophies, this is the goal of Juventus. This is a club that is among the top three or four best in the world. Our goals are high, not just this season, but every year. We want to win all the trophies and we will try again this year."

“My own dream is to win the Champions League and lift that trophy to the sky. I hope to achieve that this season.”