​Manchester United's failure to ​properly maintain Old Trafford is now reported to have been confirmed as the reason for the death of a fan in December 2017.

John Whale, 80, died after falling headfirst down concrete steps during the defeat to ​Manchester City at that time.

Old Trafford stewards were found to be at fault after lifelong supporter Mr. Whale attempted to leave the match around 10 minutes before full-time, reports the Mail.

CCTV footage was repeatedly investigated and it showed two stewards blocking an exit from the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand, as they watched the match.

Mr Whale was spotted attempting to reach the handrail at the side of the exit, near the stewards, but failed to do so and plunged down the concrete steps. He died the following day at Salford Royal Hospital due to the head injuries he sustained.

After the police investigation, his death was deemed accidental. But, three contributory factors were stated as possible reasons namely, stewards blocking the exit, the access to both handrails, and their lack of awareness of their surroundings.

At that time, the incident raised serious concerns over the safety of fans at Old Trafford, with the 74,879-capacity stadium last renovated 13 years ago.

A United spokesperson released a clubs statement after Mr.Whale's passing and it stated, "Everyone at Manchester United was deeply saddened by the death of Mr Whale and the club continues to extend its sincere condolences to his family. The health and safety of all supporters and visitors at Old Trafford is of utmost importance to Manchester United and we go to great lengths to ensure procedures are monitored and adhered to at all times."