​EA Sports finally launched its much awaited ​FIFA 20 on Friday and fans absolutely pounced on their copies and tried the new game out.

From the ​biggest football stars to us fans, everyone has been picking up their copy and updating their first experience of the new game on social media handle Twitter.

The fan interaction on FIFA 20's launch was so big that it actually was trending on top of Worldwide Trends on Twitter last night.

And then, within 24 hours of FIFA 20's release, the hashtag 'Fix ​Career Mode' began trending on Twitter as fans found out certain bugs in the game career mode. So much so, that some gamers actually demanded a refund with complaints that include unrealistic starting XI, painful press conferences and bizarre fixtures.

Here's how fans reacted:

Following the social media outrage, ​FIFA 20's Global Franchise Lead, Corey Andress, took to Twitter to personally respond to fan complaints.

"Wanted to take a few minutes and address some of the concerns regarding career mode, some of the action being taken internally and also speak on why some fixes take more time than others," Andress wrote on Twitter.

He continued, "First off, definitely want to acknowledge the feedback and we’ve been tracking a lot of the posts and initial complaints on various platforms. Let me say that the team is aware and prioritizing fixes for this area and have been successful in identifying some of the issues."

Talking about a timeline for issues to be resolved, Andress stated, "In terms of an ETA or exact changes, I can’t provide that yet, but also want to be transparent and say it won’t be immediate. Being that Career Mode is client-based (offline), we need to patch. Patches take time as fixes have to be identified, fixed, tested and then certified by first-party. Our first patch is on the way and locked, so likely we’ve missed the ability to put CM fixes in that patch."

Andress concluded, "I am fully aware that that is not what you want to hear, but I also don’t want to leave you without answers on this one. We are continuing to prioritise and push these issues with urgency, so hopefully we’ll have more to share soon.