​FC Barcelona legend Lionel Messi hailed his ​Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni as well as spoke about his own ambitions of moving into coaching after retiring from football in his detailed interview with FIFA's official website after ​he won 'The Best' award in Milan on Monday.

Scaloni was handed with the position of Argentina's permanent national football team coach in a decision that Messi was pretty happy with despite the general public's reaction on the appointment.

Messi was asked by ​FIFA's official website about his national team manager after he won FIFA's 'The Best' award in Milan and he responded, "He's a coach who has things clear in his head, who knows how to watch football and is very good at getting things across."

Messi continued by revealing that the Argentinean FA made the right decision to sign Scaloni as he stated, "He's easy to understand, he's good at his job and he knows how to handle the players. I think they got it right in giving him the job permanently and the space and time he needs to work with the national team."

On being asked if Messi sees himself as a coach one day, he concluded, "I've always said that I don't, but you never know. I look at them and start thinking that I would like to work with youngsters, to train them and coach them, but right now I honestly can't see it happening. It might happen over the new few years, though. I don't know."