Former Arsenal forward Paul Mariner has implored the club to find a solution to the Mesut Ozil conundrum, saying that the Gunners need to offload the player considering he is not really helping the team’s cause.

Ozil has only played 71 minutes of football this season so far, when he started the game against Watford on Sunday. He was ruled out of the trip to Germany for the Europa League game against Eintracht Frankfurt because of illness.

Mariner believes that Ozil has become a burden on the club’s resources and insisted that the they need to find a buyer for the player as the costs far outweigh what he can offer to the team.

He told ESPN FC: “If there’s interest, let him go and have someone else pay his wages. [If he doesn’t go], you’ve got to get him back in the fold. It’s as simple as that. You’ve got to get in a room with him, talk to him, get him into being that Arsenal player [he can be].

“They can’t find anyone at the moment who wants to take him off their books, so you’ve got to get him back in your ranks. It’s very difficult, if a player isn’t switched on, it’s very difficult to get into him. At the present moment if he’s going to perform the way he is, you’ve got to find other players to perform instead of him. Find the players that are committed, and find a system that fits those players.”

There were rumours that Ozil could move to Major League Soccer, and with the January transfer window coming ahead of the start of the new season in America, it would be a great time for both parties to make such a move happen.