​​Manchester United legend Paul Scholes has claimed that the club may have made a mistake by selling Romelu Lukaku in the summer transfer window to ​Inter Milan without getting a suitable back up.

Lukaku had a rough season in the previous campaign, with the fans making him one of the targets for the club's poor showing in the league and in the other competitions. He chose to move out, with Inter Milan paying a sizeable amount for the player's services.

With Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial the only senior forwards available for the team right now, Scholes believes that the club was hasty in selling him without a backup. 

"[United] obviously knew they were going to sell Lukaku at some point, but not to have a centre-forward lined up seems a mistake to me," said Scholes, according to ​Goal"Whether they did, whether it just dragged on too long from the club’s point of view, I don’t know.

"To go into a season without a centre-forward, when it’s a club known for its attacking style, and probably four centre-forwards in its heyday, so to go in there with Rashford and Martial who you’re not quite sure... are they left wingers? Are they centre-forwards? We don’t know, but I’m sure it’ll get sorted."

With Martial injured, Rashford is currently the only forward they have, with youngster Mason Greenwood set to take over striking duties during the Europa League. However, if either Rashford or Martial do get injured again in the future, then United may well find themselves in trouble.