Former​ Manchester City right-back is of the opinion that ​Liverpool defender Trent Alexander-Arnold is worth £100million in the current climate of world football. He also stated that he is willing to give his other knee to player under Pep Guardiola at City.

The now-retired former defender played for the Etihad outfit from 2005 to 2015 and believes that a fit version of himself would be up among the best but stated that he holds no bitter feelings towards current players who make so much money.

"I would give my other knee to play for Pep’s City," Richards was quoted by Goal.

"A fit Micah Richards would be up there but I am not bitter towards these boys about their money and success.”

He then went on to reveal that many footballers are hungry for more money but refused to name them. He also added that the Liverpool youngster is worth £100m now and also revealed his happiness for Kyle Walker, who he thinks is starting to get to his best under Guardiola.

"A lot of the older pros - I won’t name names - they need the money and are bitter about the money in modern football. In my position, Trent Alexander-Arnold is a £100 million footballer now.

"I am happy for Kyle Walker, who has kicked on under the best manager in the world."