Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has refused to put the blame of the Premier League defeat to Norwich City on the players, and insisted that he would be ‘Fraudiola’ if it weren’t for the performances of his team in the past.

Norwich earned a stunning 3-2 win over City over the weekend, with the defending champions now five points behind league leaders Liverpool in the league table. The game was riddled with mistakes from the defence from the visitors, similar to the Spaniard’s first season with the team.

However, Guardiola has chosen not to blame his players and reminded everyone that if it wasn’t for them, critics would still be calling him ‘Fraudiola’, just as they did during his first season.

"They gave me all the prestige I have in England, when the first season when it was Fraud Guardiola, Fraudiola," he said, according to Goal. "This kind of game here in England - it’s not possible to play because you need to have tackles and you have to play like that - these players gave me the prestige that I have. And now all around the world people say how good a manager I am - it’s for them, not for me."

The defending champions will need to put the defeat aside as they prepare for another onslaught on the Champions League, and will need to ensure they do not drop any more points in the Premier League as well, considering Liverpool seem to be in no mood to lose games.