​​Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has revealed that he is doing everything possible in his power to ensure none of his stars would want to leave Anfield in the future, and is working on the atmosphere at their training facilities.

Sadio Mane had earlier expressed his happiness at playing at Anfield, even though he was linked with a move away from the club not too long ago. Both Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino have also signed long-term contracts with the club.

Klopp, for his part, has revealed that they are trying to make sure they have the best facilities to offer and the highest quality of players in the team so that none of them would want to move out. 

According to ​Goal, he said: “We have to make sure that the situation stays like this. We have a wonderful atmosphere at Melwood, at Anfield and wherever we go in the world. That’s special, and we worked hard for that. We have to keep it. But how can you keep it if you stay only in the same mood? You have to look to the next step, improve, fight as hard as you can, run as much as you can, jump as far as you can. Then you can improve.

“The club is wonderful. It was always wonderful but because of a few different things the atmosphere was not always like this. Now we have a good basis and we have to use it and use it, improve it. Then the boys have no reason to leave."

It remains to be seen if that will be the case in the future, especially if Liverpool do not follow up their Champions League win with more trophies.