​​FC Barcelona legend Lionel Messi had thought that the club would sack Ernesto Valverde after they lost 4-0 to ​Liverpool in last season's ​UEFA Champions League semi-final.

The Blaugrana were leading 3-0 from the first leg but collapsed like a neutron star in the return leg where Jurgen Klopp's men romped them ​4-0 at Anfield and despite winning ​La Liga last season, Barcelona were made to lick their wounds in Europe.

As a result of the capitulation against Liverpool, Messi has revealed that he and the team thought that Valverde will be sacked. 

"When things like that happen, everyone thinks the worst, because the objectives laid out at the beginning of the season have not been fulfilled," Messi told Sport via ​Standard, when asked if he thought Valverde would be sacked.

Citing the example of the defeat to AS Roma the season before last, Messi continued, "Something similar to the year before (the 3-0 loss and exit at Roma) had happened, although I think this was worse still."

Revealing whether the team imagined that Valverde will be sacked, Messi stated, "Everyone imagined it (Valverde's sacking) would happen. [But] as I said at the time, he wasn't to blame for the game we played at Anfield, nor for the result. Up until then, we'd had a great season, dominating the league from start to finish, qualifying for the cup final."

However, Messi then moved on to stated that the team was responsible for the losses rather than just the coach. He said, "It was more about us than the coach. To win the Champions League, you have to score an away goal. It's so important to score away goals in all the games. It's fundamental. When we won the Champions League before, we scored in almost all our games."

Messi concluded, "Whether we were superior or not, we always scored goals. If you don't convert away from home, it's difficult."