Former Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri was full of praise for the professionalism of Cristiano Ronaldo, and said that the player’s mentality ensures that he continues to give himself targets despite winning multiple trophies.

Ronaldo is currently 34, an age that football players usually become less influential than they were in their prime. However, the Portuguese captain has shown no signs of slowing down and continues to be at the top of his game.

Allegri, who had the opportunity to coach Ronaldo last season, said that the reason for the player’s continued success at the top is because of his strong mentality and professionalism.

"His strength is on a mental level," said Allegri, according to Goal. "He is 34 years old, he has won championships, European titles and golden balls but he continues to give himself important stimuli that make the difference. The technique is fundamental to stay at high levels for many years, but the difference is made by the head and the professionalism. If I prefer to coach Ronaldo or a young talent? Ronaldo, without a doubt."

Ronaldo scored 28 goals in all competitions last season for Juventus, and although he failed to deliver the Champions League to the team, he still showed he was the player to look for goals. With additional quality added to the side in the summer, Juventus are in a really strong position for a successful assault on Europe’s most wanted club trophy. 

Whether that comes to fruition this season still remains to be seen.