Former​ Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany has jokingly revealed that he wanted to put Leroy Sane on Gary Neville during his testimonial match. City Legends are set to take on ​Premier League All-Stars XI and Kompany is eager to see which of the old-timers are in good shape.

He also stated that he is looking forward to reminiscing the discussions they had in the dressing room during his playing days at the Etihad.

"There are so many old faces, and I want to see who is still in shape and who is not anymore! I remember a lot of conversations in the dressing room… 'What are you going to do when you stop playing?'

"I'm looking forward to seeing who’s in shape mainly, and reminiscing about the stories we still remember from the dressing room,” Sky Sports quoted him as saying.

He then added that he is sad about Sane’s injury as he wanted to put him against Gary Neville as his mission was to have Neville face a pacy winger and put him in a world of trouble. He, however, also suspects that the former ​United star could go hiding at centre-back.

"It's unfortunate that Leroy Sane is out with a knee injury because I would have put him on Gary Neville. My goal was to put the fastest winger I could find on Gary Neville's side! Unless he goes and hides at centre-back, we'll see."