​As the 2019 summer transfer window came to a close, there began a process of analysing the whole window from all aspects, footballing as well as financial.

Many clubs dived into the market this summer in order to buy and sell players but one club namely ​Atletico Madrid repeatedly made the headlines, both when it came to player sales and purchases.

Based on figures from Transfermarkt, the Spanish club recouped 313.1 million euros in transfer sales, including that of ​Antoine Griezmann to domestic rivals ​Barcelona.

Here's the list of the top 10 clubs with the most sales in the summer transfer window gone by (figures in million euros):

1. ​Atletico Madrid: 313.1

2. Ajax: 205.75

3. ​Juventus: 201.5

4. Benfica: 192

5. ​Barcelona: 156.4

6. ​Chelsea: 145.75

7. Lille: 145

8. Olympique Lyon: 133.32

9. ​Real Madrid: 130

10. Hoffenheim: 119.45

So much was the investment made by ​Atletico Madrid, that they, along with ​Real Madrid​Barcelona​Manchester City​Manchester United​Chelsea​Liverpool, PSG, ​Juventus and ​Inter Milan, entered the top 10 clubs with the biggest spending on transfers from the year 2010 to 2019.

The ​Premier League, meanwhile, maintained its big spending title with four clubs in the top ten, and time will tell if they are to take a more consistently dominant role. The finalists of both the Champions League and Europa League came from the English top flight.