3 Players Who Were Dubbed as the Next Cristiano Ronaldo But Failed Miserably

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are the two best players in the world. They have been so for the last decade and will continue to assert their dominance for a few more years at least. 

Since they are at the pinnacle of the football world, it is only natural for up and coming players to be compared to them when they show the slightest of similarity. However, more often than not, they are just ramblings of a mad man as here are three footballers who were dubbed as the next Cristiano Ronaldo but failed miserably.

3. Bruma

For Bruma, everything seemed to be on track. He began his career at Sporting, like Ronaldo, and was ripping apart defences for the youth side. His performances in the Under-20 World Cup in 2013 created a lot of hype around him and Portuguese outlet A Bola went as far as claiming that he is the next Ronaldo. 

However, things didn’t really take off for him as he moved to Turkish giants Galatasaray from Portugal. After that, he had a tenure with Real Sociedad on loan and then he moved to RB Leipzig. 

He is currently playing for PSV. Safe to say, he is not the next Ronaldo.

2. Gabriel Obertan

Such was the hype around him that he was instantly labeled as the next Ronaldo the moment he stepped foot on the pitch as a Manchester United  player. Obertan himself had to address the claims, saying in 2009: “I am not Ronaldo's successor.

“For now there is no comparison, I am just trying to be Gabriel Obertan. I have only been here for six months and I cannot do what he did in that time.”

He was right, of course, as he was far from being the successor to Ronaldo’s throne. He could only manage 14 appearances for United and played for a bunch of clubs before moving to Erzurumspor, where he is playing now.

1. Bebe

The ultimate unbelievable signing United have ever made has to be that of Bebe. Sir Alex Ferguson didn’t even watch him but sanctioned his acquisition after getting rave reviews from scouts. 

He was supposedly the next Ronaldo but obviously, he wasn’t. In fact, he was… raw. In the end, after playing for a number of clubs on loan, he is now at Rayo Vallecano. 

In 2015, after his United horror-show ended, he claimed that he had a similar style to Ronaldo: “(Didier) Drogba [is my idol], but also Cristiano because he’s Portuguese. I have the same way of running, and the same shooting style; he’s definitely a favourite.”

No, Bebe, you don’t. 

These players could never reach the level of Ronaldo...