​If you are someone who is a seasoned pro at PlayStation, this news might affect you as your beloved 'X' button on the controller is actually not called X.

Well, PS, as we regularly term it as, have found a way to trigger off an entire community have come forward to deny the existence of your favourite 'X' button - claiming it is in fact the 'Cross' button.

Taking to Twitter, PlayStation UK said: "Triangle. Circle. Cross. Square. If Cross is called X (it's not), then what are you calling Circle?"

The very sight of this tweet led to a major issue among PlayStation fans, however one fan revealed there is a rationale behind calling it the 'cross' button as the points of a cross are all equidistant, unlike with an 'X'. PlayStation UK responded to that tweet too.

If the above wasn't enough, one fan went on to showcase the text written on the place of the buttons when you smash open the controller.

Regardless, PlayStation noticed the amount of activity on their tweets and decided to put up a poll asking fans to vote and as of now (including our vote), 81% fans out of 168,950 have voted for it to be called 'X'.

Well, it actually doesn't matter what anyone calls the button as PlayStation, in the end, will win in terms of business.

PlayStation and PlayStation UK both have been pretty active on Twitter in the past too as back in September, ​they trolled the then Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho for terming his team's gameplay like 'Playstation Football'.