Former ​Southampton star Matt Le Tisser has criticised Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for not stamping down a single spot-kick taker at the club. The ​Manchester United manager stated that both Paul ​Pogba and Marcus Rashford are the designated takers and Le Tissier thinks that it becomes the root of all confusion when United win a penalty.

He also stated not having a specific taker seemed unprofessional and schoolboy-ish on the manager’s behalf, who, according to Le Tissier, should be strong in making his decisions.

"It does cause confusion if you have two nominated penalty-takers and you just go, ‘Well, let’s see who fancies it on the day’," Le Tissier told The Mirror.

"That’s not professional, it’s amateurish, schoolboy stuff and that comes down to the manager. In that situation, the manager needs to be stronger and just go, ‘Right, you’re the best at penalties, you’re my penalty-taker, if you’re not on the pitch then he can take them, but up until that point, you take them’.”

He then revealed that back in his days as a player, they had a competition in training to decide the taker and he won it, after which there was no confusion as to who was the penalty-taker at Southampton.

"We had a penalty competition in training to decide who was going to be taking penalties in matches and I won that. I was 20 when I became penalty-taker and there was never any question when I was on the pitch, it was my right and that was my job."