​The on-going ​match-fixing investigation involving the game between Levante and Real Zaragoza in 2011 has now heard testimonies from a number of players including former ​Manchester United man Ander Herrera.

Herrera, who was playing for Real Zaragoza in their survival-securing 2-1 win that day, has answered questions on a bank transfer around the time of the match.

As reported by ​Marca, beginning his testimony, Herrera said, "I never received a bonus in cash from Real Zaragoza or any of the clubs I have been at."

He was then asked about the money transfer that was made into his account and he denied that it was a bonus. The ​new Paris Saint-Germain signing said, "No, that wasn't a bonus. It was communicated to me that it was an error, a mistaken transfer. It was a mistaken transfer to my account."

Herrera further stated that when it was explained to him that the transfer was indeed erroneous, he went to withdraw the cash from the bank and returned it at the club's training ground.

He said in court, "I did so at the training ground the day after the call [explaining the erroneous transfer] and the same day as I took out the money. I went to training and I handed it over to the president. I didn't sign any document about the exchange of the money, which was my mistake and is why I'm here."

Gabi, the former Real Zaragoza captain, also spoke and claimed that he had been tricked by the club. Maurizio Lanzaro, Doblas, Paul da Silva, Jorge Lopez, Braulio Nobrega, Ponzio, Carlos Diogo, Javier Aguirre and Antonio Prieto are some of the others testifying in this case.