3 Reasons Why Barcelona Will Not Win the 2019/20 Champions League

Barcelona have been one of the best teams of this millenium as they have won the treble twice since 2009 and also have four Champions League titles to their name since 2006. 

However, watching Real Madrid win three of the last five Champions League titles hasn’t gone down well in Catalonia and they desperately want to change that this season. 

But ultimately, it still is a question that needs to be answered. They might not be able to do it this season – and here is why…

3. Valverde Effect

Ernesto Valverde gets a lot of criticism from Barcelona fans and while most of it is unnecessary, there is a bit of validity to some of the points. 

While his league record has been impeccable – which could most be attributed down to the fact that both Atletico and Real Madrid have not been up to scratch – his Champions League history has been rather shocking. 

Two seasons ago, they let Roma comeback from 4-1 down to win 3-0 in the return leg. Last season, they once again let a three-goal advantage from the first-leg slip through their hands when Liverpool beat them 4-0 at Anfield. 

Something like that happening once could be called a freak accident but the same thing repeating itself has to put the manager in the zone of accountability. 

2. Griezmann and De Jong Need Time to Gel

Barcelona’s two biggest signings of the summer were Frenkie de Jong and Antoine Griezmann. The Catalan giants needed to strengthen their midfield and sign an alternative for Luis Suarez and they addressed both of those issues. 

While the Frenchman seems to be grasping the system of the Blaugrana relatively quickly, he will still need time to play with full force. De Jong might take slightly longer as he is younger and is playing in a foreign league for the first time in his career. Despite his obvious talents, he needs time to adjust accordingly.

1. Messidependencia

Last, but perhaps the most important point of them all, is the team and their dependence on Lionel Messi. Even after so many years, the Blaugrana seem to be reliant on the Argentine and their results in his absence are a testament to that. 

They have played three matches without him so far this season and have dropped points in two of them. Such an over-reliance never ends well for a club looking to win every competition they play and should the Argentine get injured or have a bad game, the Catalan giants risk losing out big time. 

3 reasons why Barcelona have no chance of winning the 2019/20 Champions League