Norwegian third division side Junkeren have signed a 16-year-old footballer who changed his name to that of his idol, ​Lionel Messi of ​Barcelona. The footballer’s original name was Daniel Are Knutsen but he legally changed it to Messi due to his admiration for the Argentine.

According to the player himself, he was pondering on the decision for a while as Messi is his biggest inspiration and he thought it was worth a try. He also stated that there is a bit of a similarity between him and the Argentine.

“I've had a plan to change my name for a while, and Lionel Messi is my biggest idol,” Knutsen said, as per ​Daily Star

He continued, "With my dedication to football, it was nothing more than to try. I want to say that I try as best as I can to play his way. It's possible to see some similarities, but my talent probably isn't as great."

Meanwhile, Junkeren's general manager Runar Bo Eriksen jokingly stated that the club are now looking for a Cristiano Ronaldo while also adding that Messi will be playing in the U-16 first with the vision of putting him in the first team eventually.

"I joked earlier that we have to look for ​Cristiano Ronaldo[Messi] is going to play under-16 football first and foremost, but we hope he will eventually join the first team," he  concluded.