Everton manager Marco Silva is not too keen on the comparisons being made between new signing Moise Kean and former striker Romelu Lukaku, and insisted that the youngster must make his own path in the Premier League.

​Kean moved to Everton from Juventus in the summer in a €30million move, with the player hoping to get more minutes at the English club compared with the abundance of talent that is currently at the Italian champions.

However, despite similarities between the two players, has stepped in to douse any comparisons between Kean and Lukaku and said the player must be allowed to develop without any burdens.

“You have to be calm and don’t start making these comparisons,” Silva said, according to Goal. “Moise Kean is Moise Kean and Lukaku is Lukaku. It doesn’t make sense to make these comparisons.

"We are happy he’s here with us and the boy is also happy to be in our football club. Now it’s up to him to keep working hard and do the things I expect from him and our fans expect from him. The comparisons are not fair on him. He’s 19 years old and it’s unfair to put this pressure on him.”

It remains to be seen how successful Kean will be, but the player has shown encouraging signs in the two substitute appearances he has made so far. Whether he can be their main striker for the next few years, like Lukaku who recently moved to Inter Milan from Manchester United was, still remains to be seen.