Former Manchester United forward Robin van Persie has insisted that ​Alexis Sanchez remains a great player despite his failures since his move from Arsenal, and said that it looks like the Chilean international does not seem to be happy.

Sanchez moved to United from Arsenal in January last year in a player swap deal that saw Henrikh Mkhitaryan move the other way. However, Sanchez has not been able to produce the same kind of goals and assists he did during his time at Arsenal.

However, Van Persie, another player that moved from Arsenal to United, albeit with more success, has insisted that Sanchez is still a great player to have in a team.

“He doesn’t look happy to me,” the ex-Netherlands international explained to BT Sport. “I can’t properly judge it because I am not working with him but when I see him play I rarely see him smiling. Of course, I get it when you are playing you need to be serious and you want to win but after you score a goal you can smile, because that is the point of football. We all play football because we like it and if you like something you should smile.”

“I don’t know if it’s the pressure. Pressure is something you can’t see or touch but he has to manage that in his head. But he is still the same great player. He has it all: he’s fast, he can assist, he can dribble, and he can score.”

​Sanchez is expected to complete a loan move to Inter Milan to join former teammate Romelu Lukaku and it remains to be seen if a return to Serie A will help bring back his form again.