​FC Barcelona legend Lionel Messi had yet another incredible year mesmerising the world with his genius. 

​While he is expected to probably win all individual accolades this year, the one which he probably needs, something that he has never won ever, is the Puskas Award.

After he was acknowledged in yesterday afternoon's 2019 candidates, Messi established his position as the Puskas Award's most nominated player in history with seven goals considered.

Basically, no one has produced more 'Puskas' worthy goals in the last decade than Messi has. The player with the second most nominations is Neymar (5), followed by Zlatan Ibrahimovic (4) and ​Juventus hitman Cristiano Ronaldo - who won the inaugural award in 2009, only has two nominations.

The seven Messi goals that have been previously nominated for the Puskas award were the ones against:

1) Valencia (2010)

2) Arsenal (2011)

3) Brazil (2012)

4) Athletic Bilbao (2015)

5) USA (2016)

6) Nigeria (2018)
7) Real Betis (2019)

​Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah won last year’s Puskas Award, while other past winners since its creation in 2009 have included Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, James Rodriguez, Olivier Giroud as well as 2019 nominee Ibrahimovic.

Fans will have until midnight (CEST) on 1 September to cast their vote on FIFA's ​official website. The public vote will then close and the overall winner will be chosen from the top three by a panel of FIFA Legends.

The winner will be announced at ​​the Best FIFA Football Awards gala in Milan on 23 September.