​Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino has claimed that he wasn’t in agreement with ​Premier League club’s wanting to have an earlier transfer deadline than the rest of Europe and added that it was a mistake on chairman Daniel Levy’s behalf and that they now realise it.

The Premier League transfer window closed on the 8th of August while the rest of Europe can sign players up until the end of this month. According to the Argentine, this is a problem because other teams can still pry players away from English clubs and it is not something that the coach can be happy about.

As a result, the Spurs manager has called for the deadline to be put back to where it once was – in synchronisation with the rest of Europe.

“I wasn’t in agreement (with the decision) but at that moment they believed that was best for the clubs,” Pochettino was quoted by ​Reuters. “But I think (club chairman Daniel Levy) and a lot of people now realise it was a massive mistake.

“I hope that we fix the problem for the next season. We need to go back and operate in the same way that they operate in Europe because I think it’s massive when you go to compete in the Europa League or Champions League.

“Champions League teams can create a problem for a team like us and it’s so clear that I cannot be happy as a coach that in the last three weeks clubs from Europe can unsettle your team. For me, it’s not common sense and we need to go back quick.”