3 Players Who Could Be the MVP for Barcelona in the 2019/20 Season

Barcelona started the season in the wrong way as they lost their first match of La Liga to Athletic Bilbao. The match was heading towards a draw when 38-year-old Aritz Aduriz scored a cracking goal in the 88th minute to break the deadlock. 

As a result, the Catalan giants now find themselves at the bottom of the table. It won’t be the case for long, however, as they are sure to bounce back. They have some really good players who could help them throughout the course of the season. 

And here are three who could be the MVP for the Blaugrana

3. Frenkie de Jong

The first name here is Barcelona’s recent acquisition Frenkie de Jong. The Blaugrana rate him so highly that they confirmed his signing in January itself and he has shown in pre-season that he is indeed the real deal. 

He has unparalleled guile and composure on the ball which allows him to dictate the tempo in midfield. He is not afraid to make aggressive passes and is an excellent player in tight spaces. 

Ring any bells? If there was ever a proper Xavi Hernandez replacement, it has to be Frenkie de Jong.

2. Ousmane Dembele

Ousmane Dembele is perhaps the most naturally gifted player in the squad. He is unbelievably two-footed as he can dribble, shoot and pass with both his feet, making him a very difficult player to defend against. 

He is yet to show his best at the Camp Nou as indiscipline hasn’t allowed him to flourish to the level he is capable of. However, he has shown glimpses of brilliance and whenever he did, he made it clear that the Blaugrana have a star at their disposal. 

A natural heir to the throne of Messi, he can further strengthen that status this season.

1. Lionel Messi

And finally, the one and only: Lionel Messi. What can be said about the Argentine? Throughout the last decade, writers have used every possible word and phrase to praise the Barcelona star but even now, there seems to be no way to justify his genius with mere words. 

Messi has dominated the proceedings in the world of football over the last decade and he is going to continue doing so for a few more years at least. The Catalan giants looked clueless without him in their opening game against Athletic Bilbao, which goes to show how reliant they are on him. 

He was their MVP last season and that may not change for some years to come.

Will it be Lionel Messi's year again or will someone else take up the mantle? Three players who could be Barcelona's MVP this season