​Exactly on this date in 2003, August 16, Cristiano Ronaldo's journey with ​Manchester United began. In a hard fought match against Bolton, the Red Devils held a 1-0 advantage and Sir Alex Ferguson looked at his bench for options.

And there he saw the then ​£12.2m midweek arrival from Sporting Lisbon, Ronaldo looking at him, raring to go on to the pitch to make his debut. That was the moment, a star was born! 

And now, Manchester United great Quinton Fortune has detailed the moment the then 18-year-old Ronaldo walked into the Manchester United dressing room for the very first time knowing he was meant to be a legend at the club.

"Ronaldo came with so much confidence, it was unbelievable. He walked in the changing room and basically told everyone he's the best. Not in perfect English but you could make it out." he said in an interview with The Guardian.

Fortune continued, "That set him above all the young players and he could back it up with his work ethic and ability. Even at that age he wanted to be better at everything. If you did something in training he'd practise and come back and do it."

Ronaldo revealed how everything happened with regards to him making the ​transfer from Lisbon to Manchester United. He said, "The first game I played against Manchester United was an unbelievable game, the perfect night."

The Portuguese legend continued, "When I listened after the game some of my team-mates said 'listen, you are going to go to Manchester, trust me. Sir Alex Ferguson is there and wants to speak with you."

The now ​Juventus hitman then concluded, "So I went to the dressing room and he introduced me to the players, which for me was a little bit fun because I was a little shy. Alex Ferguson then said to me 'I want you now'. Everything came so fast and two days later I spoke to the coach and they took me to England. Then I was in Manchester and I signed."