​Manchester United legend Gary Neville has defended the club's decision to let go of Ander Herrera to Paris Saint-Germain and has rejected any suggestions that believe that the Red Devils have become weaker by his as well as ​Romelu Lukaku's departure to Inter Milan this summer.

United brought in Daniel James, Aaron Wan-Bissaka and ​Harry Maguire to Old Trafford in expensive deals without being able to cut the deadwood growing at the club. Instead, players like Lukaku and Herrera were allowed to leave.

While last season was more about United being bereft of defenders, this season will mostly be about them not having too many options in midfield as well as scarcity of choices in terms of a striker.

As reported by ​Metro, on being asked if he feels ​United had adequately strengthened after losing Lukaku and Herrera, Neville said on Sky Bet’s The Big Debate: ‘Have we lost them? I don’t feel like we’ve lost anything."

He continued, "You know, losing Herrera, losing Fellaini, getting Lukaku out of the club. Lukaku was 105kg. He admitted himself he was overweight."

Revealing the supposed exit strategy United might be following for clearing deadwood, Neville stated, "I think there’s three or four players that the club would like to get rid of. I think there’s three or four players Ole would like to get rid of. I think getting rid of them all at once, though, would weaken the club and weaken the team for this season. So I think he’s getting rid of them one at a time and he’s bleeding them out of the club."

On then being asked if he is confident in United's existing options, Neville said, "o I’m not confident in it but my point is if you said to me put McTominay in there for 30 games this season, will he do a lot worse than Herrera? I don’t think he will."

Talking about the winning mentality that makes players look good by citing examples of Jordan Henderson and James Milner, Neville stated, "I genuinely think, I know it sounds crazy, but Liverpool fans on Henderson and Milner, they don’t really like them that much as players, but they actually accept that they give their all and if the team are winning and they’ve got a little bit of good around them, they’ll accept them. And that’s what Herrera is, those players."

He concluded, "‘I was one of those at United for years where basically there were amazing players but actually there were five or six of us – myself, Darren Fletcher, John O’Shea, my brother, Nicky Butt – you need that solid element at a club but there’s lots of them around. The real big problem for United is getting the world-class players who are committed to the club."