​Borussia Dortmund CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke has heaped praise on talented youngster Jadon Sancho while also stating that the player might not want to stay at the club forever.

Watzke claimed that there not many teenagers are as talented as Sancho and admitted that he is not someone from the area, which means that he is not supposed to have a connection with them.

"There aren't many 19-year-olds with such a potential," Watzke told ​Ruhr Nachrichten (via ​ESPN). "He is also not a player from the region or one who would have any connection to it.”

As a result, Dortmund need to evaluate his situation every year as Watzke believes things would not be honest if he didn’t do that.

"When you have a player like Jadon Sancho, you must reassess the situation every single year. Everything else would not be honest. If a foreign player is not convinced that the club is right for him at the exact time, it just does not make any sense."

Watzke then went on to reveal that a top club had asked him about the prospect of signing Sancho but ​he didn’t budge and no contact was made after that.

"A chief of one of the super clubs asked me back in spring if there was a chance [to sign Sancho] but I told him straight away he should forget about it and he never contacted me again," Watzke added. "He knew I meant what I said."