​​Premier League clubs incurred the record £221m on cost of injuries to players in the 2018/19 season, three percent more than the figure in the season before last as per the Sports Injury Index 2019 compiled by insurance broker Marsh JLT Specialty.

To bring everything into perspective, the 20 ​top-flight English clubs had to see a total of 764 players being injured throughout the course of last season, which is the highest number in last eight years and a 15% increase from the 2017/18 season.

Moreover, the top seven clubs on the list with the highest number of injuries were the top six clubs in the league, with the seventh one being West Ham United.

​Manchester United were the club to have incurred the most number if casualties with as many as 63 times throughout the season. They were followed by ​Tottenham Hotspur (61), ​Liverpool (50), ​Chelsea (50), ​Arsenal (49), ​West Ham United (45) and ​Manchester City (44).

In fact, the top six teams in the league accounted for 41.5% of total injuries in the Premier League as a whole. Much of these stats can be linked back to the fact that players from the top six clubs were heavily involved in the FIFA World Cup held in Russia last summer.

Wolverhampton Wanderers (11), Leicester City(18) and relegated Fulham (27) were the three clubs with the least injuries in the whole of last season.

The Sports Injury Index also went on to reveal that Premier League champions Manchester City incurred the most expenses on injury to their players with as much as £26.3m spent on nursing their stars.

City were followed by Manchester United (£25.2m), Arsenal (£24.2m), West Ham (£22.8m) and Spurs (£17.9m).

“The rise in injury costs has largely been driven by the top six clubs, which account for 54% of these costs. The top six have experienced an average 48-percent increase in salaries paid to injured players since 2016, with Tottenham Hotspur particularly affected, seeing costs rise by 110 percent in the last three years,” stated Marsh JLT Specialty, which also calculated that there has been an 86-percent increase in salaries paid by clubs to injured players since 2012/13.