Former ​Juventus general manager has praised Zlatan Ibrahimovic and stated that he could still be a useful addition to any Serie A outfit even though he is in his late-30s.

Moggi also suggested that the Swede has an advantage with his physical shape as it allows him to be at the top even now – citing the name of Cristiano Ronaldo as an example.

“This would be something not useful, but more. Zlatan has a biological body that allows him to make the best even at his age, just like Cristiano Ronaldo," Moggi was quoted by Goal.

"He is sowing victories everywhere, even in America.”

Moggi believes that while it won’t be as easy to score in Serie A as it is in the MLS, Ibrahimovic’s experience would allow him to be a good addition as even youth players could benefit from his presence.

Moggi is, however, aware of the fact that the striker is not the same as he used to be.

"Certainly it will not be as easy in Serie A, but the goals have to be made wherever we go to play and, if he came to Fiorentina, even for the youth players it would be fantastic because they could perhaps learn something more from him that not even the coach is able to give.

"But it is obvious that he is no longer the player he used to be."