Former ​Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has stated that Zinedine Zidane will eventually go back to Gareth Bale for help once ​Real Madrid get into a poor streak of form.The Welshman doesn’t seem to be in the plans of Zidane as the Merengues​ reportedly want to sell  him. However, there seems to be no buyers for him right now.

Meanwhile, Harry Redknapp thinks that in a few months’ time when Madrid start having some bad games, Zidane will look to incorporate the Welshman in the team.

He's at a great club and you know what will happen, probably in a month or two they'll have a few bad results and Real Madrid will turn and say, 'Come on Gareth we didn't mean it really and you're back in the team.'"

Redknapp then went on to state that he finds Zidane’s treatment of the Welshman very strange since he is not the kind of person to cause problems in the dressing room and bring the spirits down.

"He's not a lad who's in the dressing room causing you problems or upsetting the rest of the spirit in the team, he's not one of them lads, so I don't know why you would treat Gareth like that. It was a bit strange," Redknapp was quoted as saying by Business Insider.