Former ​Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand has revealed how he constructed his move to the Old Trafford from Leeds. The former English defender became the most expensive defender in the world, at the time, when he moved for £30 million in 2002.

Speaking about the move, Ferdinand claimed that he never was put in a position where he had to force a move away from Leeds. However, he did admit that he wouldn’t have hesitated to do that if Leeds played hardball.

“Fortunately enough, I was never put in a position where I needed to go in all guns blazing but trust me, if I needed to, I would have,” he was quoted by Leeds Live.

He then reminisced how he sat in the chairman’s office for about 6 hours and was adamant about not leaving until he was granted the move. In the end, Leeds agreed to let him go as he thought it was a move he needed at that point in his career.

“At Leeds, I went and sat in Mr (Peter) Risdale’s office and just sat there and waited for five and a half, six hours. I just said I’m not going until you sort out the deal for me to go to Manchester United.

“I didn’t go public. We got to a compromise. We got to a point where he felt he got a good deal and I got my opportunity to go to Manchester United. But I was adamant I wanted to go because I felt it was the right time and right move for me."