​Two modern day footballing greats, ​Juventus hitman Cristiano Ronaldo and Paris Saint-Germain maestro Neymar Jr. squared up against each other in a boxing ring as part of their ad for a Portuguese phone commercial.

Both Ronaldo and Neymar are heavily present in the advertisement and the former ​Barcelona and ​Real Madrid attackers were shown competing in several competitions from boxing to wrestling and table tennis.

The video was filmed in Turin and had become viral on Saturday evening after it was shown across Brazilian media. The ad starts with Neymar and Ronaldo going face to face in the ring before acting out several suggestions from the public.

But just as the two superstars are about to box, Neymar starts dancing along to Brazilian-style music, much to the amusement of his opponent.

​The competition then shifts into a WWE styled match with the duo donning masks. 
Another version of the advert also shows the pair enjoying a table tennis match, but both are bizarrely forced to use chopsticks after demonstrating their skills with a standard bat.

This ​video was shot in the off-season when both Ronaldo and Neymar posed for a ​photo with Ricardo Regufe, Ronaldo's long-time friend in Turin.