Sports statistics website FiveThirtyEight have released a table ranking football clubs based on the state of their club and it reveals dismal results for ​Manchester United fans.

Researchers at the website produced a Soccer Power Index (SPI) which provides teams with an offensive and defensive rating. They then combine the two together to give an average score and rank how likely the team would be to win against an average team on a neutral field.

The table sees United down to an embarrassing 17th rank, which is behind clubs like Napoli, ​Inter Milan, RB Leipzig, Ajax and Bayer Leverkusen.

To add more salt to the wound, United's greatest rivals ​Liverpool and ​Manchester City ended up in the top three with City coming out on top and Liverpool coming in third position, with Bundesliga champions ​Bayern Munich in between them.

​Barcelona were ranked the top Spanish side, finishing fourth, whereas ​Real and ​Atletico Madrid came in seventh and eighth respectively.

Here's a table showing the top 20:

​1​Manchester City​Premier League​94.3
​2​Bayern Munich​Bundesliga​94.0
​3Liverpool​Premier League​92.9​
​4Barcelona​La Liga​91.2​
​5PSG​​Ligue 187.8​
​6Chelsea​Premier League​86.0​
​7Real Madrid​​La Liga85.2​
​8Tottenham Hotspur​​Premier League​85.2
​9Juventus​​Serie A​84.1
​10Borussia Dortmund​Bundesliga​​83.6
​11Atletico Madrid​La Liga​83.1​
​12​Bayer LeverkusenBundesliga​​82.4
​14RB Leipzig​Bundesliga​81.7​
​15Inter Milan​Serie A​81.5​
​16SSC Napoli​Serie A​81.0​
​17​Manchester UnitedPremier League​79.8​
​18Arsenal​​Premier League79.2​
​19Everton​Premier League​​78.5
​20​RB Salzburg​Bundesliga Austria​78.5

The above table shows United's crazy fall from being one of the top football clubs in the world to just a commercial giant with a huge global fanbase.

The ​Red Devils are currently seeking to bring in some great players in this summer's transfer window order to bolster their chances of challenging for a top four spot next season.