10 Clubs That Have Earned the Most Through Sales in the Last Decade

There are some football clubs in the world which are known to be "selling clubs" and are not hesitant in letting go of their best talent in return for a hefty sum, whereas other clubs are forced to succumb to their players' demands of moving away.

In the last decade, many crazy deals have been struck and records have been broken in the transfer market.

Here's a look at 10 clubs that have earned the most amount of money by selling their players to other teams in the last 10 years....

10. Liverpool FC - £675.90m

First of two Premier League clubs in this list, Liverpool have shown that they can conduct their business smartly in the transfer market.

While much of the £675.9m in sales is thanks to Philippe Coutinho's £142m transfer to Barcelona, Liverpool have conducted their business in brilliant fashion over the last decade.

Despite the above, the Reds have also spent as much as £945.86m on bringing in new talent at Anfield which shows them at a £299.96m deficit when it comes to purchases and sales in transfers.

9. FC Porto - £689.13m

Another feeder club from Portugal, FC Porto have always given the world of football some of the best players in the game.

Talking about the last 10 years, Porto have spent £359.27 on bringing new players whereas they have earned £689.13m by selling their talent at premium to big clubs across Europe. That is a £366.5m profit over a decade.

8. FC Barcelona - £701.64m

Much to do with the incredible £196m transfer of Neymar to Paris Saint-Germain, FC Barcelona have outdone themselves in the transfer market in the past decade.

The Blaugrana have pumped in as much as £1.31b in purchases and earned £701.64m in sales over a 10 year period which shows them in a deficit of £679.67m.

This summer, Barcelona have brought in the likes of Frenkie De Jong and the blockbuster signing of Antoine Griezmann to the Camp Nou while reports claim they are still chasing Neymar.

7. Real Madrid - £717.71m

Another club to have outspent almost all of Europe and currently is the second highest spender in the transfer market in the past decade is Real Madrid.

In the last decade, Los Blancos have sold talent worth £717.71m whereas they have brought in players amounting to £1.24b which is a deficit of £577.80m.

This summer has been by far their best summer in a long long time with the capture of Eden Hazard and Luka Jovic among others.

6. Juventus - £721m

The reigning Italian champions have continued to pump in a lot of funds in the last few seasons as they still hunt for their Champions League trophy.

With the capture of Cristiano Ronaldo at the beginning of last season, things look to be heading in the right direction for the Turin giants.

Juventus have carried out their business in decent fashion as always as they have spent £1.11b on transfer incomings and have sold players for as much as £721m over a ten year period.

While it is a £430.55m loss, it still falls in a bearable category for a club of Juventus' stature.

5. AS Roma - £731.91m

Italian side AS Roma is one club which can be called as nearest to breakeven among the top five football leagues in world football.

This club is so perfectly run that they have spent almost the same as they have earned in the last 10 years. Roma made a total of £731.91m in the last decade out of which they have spent £730.57m.

4. Chelsea - £790.80m

The second Premier League club in this list, Chelsea have always been known for loaning out and eventually selling the most amount of young players across the world.

The above is one of the reasons why the Blues have earned the fourth highest amount in player sales in the last ten years with as much as £790.80m being brought in to the club.

3. AS Monaco - £825.48m

Europe's top feeder club, AS Monaco have been a selling club for a long time now. It's just the way that this French club functions.

In the last 10 years, Monaco have made around about £200m profit on their business as they have bought in players worth £637m and sold stars amounting to £825m. 

2. SL Benfica - £864.05m

In terms of the last decade, Benfica have sold some of the best players in the world. Players like Angel di Maria, Axel Witsel, Nemanja Matic, Bernardo Silva, David Luiz, Joao Cancelo Renato Sanches, Goncalo Guedes, Jan Oblak, Nelson Semedo, Luka Jovic, Victor Lindelof, and Joao Felix are amongst those to have left. 

Jovic and Felix went for significantly different prices with Eintracht Frankfurt paying just £6 million for Jovic before selling him on to Real Madrid for £54 million.Felix on the other hand went to Atletico Madrid for £113m with the Spanish side then selling Antoine Griezmann to Barcelona.

1. Atletico Madrid - £872.91m

The big difference between Atletico Madrid and Benfica doesn't come in the amount they've made from transfers though but in their net spend.

In the same 10 year period the Spanish side have spent £900m on transfers, in comparison to Benfica's £333m, which is the least in the top 10 of profits made on sales list.

That means that in terms of net spend the Portuguese side have made £589 million whilst Atleti have spent £31 million which is a huge gap. However, it still doesn't change facts that Los Rojiblancos have sold players up to £872.91m in the last decade, the highest in Europe.