5 Best New Features in FIFA 20

EA Sports' FIFA 20's release is just over two months away and initial gameplay revelations have built up some insane new features on the game.

The video game giant has made some wholesale changes to the game for its latest edition scheduled to be released on September 27 on PS4 and XBox One.

Here are five of the newest features in the latest version of the famous game.

5. Tackling techniques

Major changes are said to have been made when it comes to defending on FIFA 20. A number of new tackling animations have been introduced for players to select and regain possession of the ball.

With EA planning to give the user maximum control over their fate in the game, there is a whole new level of user customisation available at your disposal. Moreover, this year EA are reducing the amount of AI defensive support and instead concentrating on the user's defending.

4. New dribbling techniques

Teasing and beating your opponents is undoubtedly one of the most exciting features in FIFA and so it is definitely worth noting that dribbling has been revitalised. 

Strafe dribbling, which is the new system that has been brought in on FIFA 20, is all about taking "stutter steps" before an opponent comes to tackle and then attempting to beat him through a mix of dribbling, sprint speed and acceleration.

3. More one-on-one situations added to the gameplay

In their quest to add realism to the game, EA have added the feature of including one-on-one situations in the gameplay.

For example, if a user is on all-out attack mode, their defence will indeed be compromised leading to a situation where there could be a one-on-one situation between forwards and defenders or forwards and goalkeepers.

Winning individual battles is an alluring aspect of football and it makes perfect sense for it to be incorporated into the gaming world too.

2. New free-kicks and penalties

This is something that needed to be changed a long time ago. Well, better late than never!

Free-kicks and penalties have been given a huge change in the game. While the movement of the camera was key to taking set-pieces on FIFA 19, FIFA 20 includes an aiming mechanic which is inspired by Lionel Messi.

You can now perform knuckleball free-kick, top spin or even the side spin while taking free-kicks. A similar change has been made for penalties.

1. Volta football

For years now, fans have been begging EA to release a new version of FIFA Street and now the video game giant has listened to them as they have made sure that 'Volta' - which means "to return" in Portuguese, adds a new dimension to the game.

Matt Prior, Creative Director for EA Sports, said there was "a whole world of football that EA haven't tapped into" and with the help of real-life street footballers, Volta has come to life after two years of planning.

Based around the 11v11 game engine but with new people involved in the creation process, you can play 3v3, 4v4, 5v5 and play with or without goalkeepers. This is a game changing addition to FIFA 20, giving you all the more reason to buy it!