The man who claimed ​to have found and returned Daniel Sturridge's dog has slated the footballer for being 'dishonest' about the reward.

The former ​Liverpool star made a heartfelt appeal for his dog, Lucci, to be returned to him after his house in Los Angeles was broken into earlier this week and promised a reward of 30,000 for the one who gets him his pet back.

It wasn't long before LA rapper 'Killa Fame' said that he had found the missing dog. The same man has now slammed the English striker for apparently not paying up the £30,000 reward in a series of tweets -- some of which have been deleted.

Killa Fame tweeted: "Found @DanielSturridge dog Lucci by me and my nephew... no sizable reward.. so dishonest lies. €30,000 [sic]."

The rapper continued to rant about not receiving payment for Lucci's return and called the former Reds striker "dishonest."

He added in two tweets: "So since @DanielSturridge dog was found by a black man... he didn't deserve the Reward offered!

"Don't offer a reward if you not planning on Living up to your word [sic]!!"

Meanwhile, Sturridge took to Instagram to thank fans for the support he has received in the past few days.

He captioned his Instagram post as, "Thanks to everyone worldwide for the support. We’re so grateful for you all without you this wouldn’t have been possible!! @luccidapoochie is safe and sound!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thanks to everyone involved across LA. Special thanks to @kimberlychengtv for giving us the tip off that someone called into the show and said they have him. Her lead enabled myself and friends to go pick him up. 😎🙌🏾❤️."