​Manchester United legend ​Nemanja Vidic is one of the greatest defenders to have ever graced the ​Premier League but just like every other legend, he too faced certain opponents who gave him a nightmare to remember for a long-long time.

While most fans will definitely believe that Fernando Torres would be the toughest opponent that Vidic might have faced in his Premier League tenure, it is not actually the case, according to the Serb.

​Vidic was memorably sent off during Liverpool's 4-1 mauling of United at Old Trafford in the 2008/09 season, as he slipped and dragged Torres to the ground, with the former Atletico hitman clean through on goal and that was the only moment that the Serbian believes that he struggled against the Spaniard. 

Instead, Vidic went on and revealed who was the player that posed the most problems to him in his Premier League career.

In the interview with FourFourTwo back in 2016, the former United and Serbia captain explained, "People say: 'You had a difficult game against Torres', but it was just the one game. I went to head the ball but changed my mind and tried to pass to Edwin [van der Sar]. I misjudged the distance and Torres scored."

Revealing the player who actually continued, "Drogba was tougher. Torres always created a chance to score, but Drogba was on you for the full game. Drogba was physically the hardest; [Luis] Suarez and [Sergio] Aguero were the best."

Well, if you go to see, Drogba was the only striker brave enough to hit Vidic, getting himself sent off during the 2008 Champions League final for slapping the Serbian centre half in the face.