Known ​Real Madrid fan and U​FC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov forced a child to say "Hala Madrid!" in exchange for a photo. Khabib was seen taking pictures with some youngsters before refusing to have one taken with a kid who came out as a  ​Barcelona fan.

"He's Barcelona, no, no, no, not with you brother," the fighter said.

"Only Real Madrid, brother. I'm not going to take a picture. If you say 'Hala Madrid', we can take a picture."

The fan eventually gave in and said 'Hala Madrid' before Khabib agreed to the picture.

Despite him being a Real Madrid fan, Khabib has impressive knowledge of other leagues and clubs. He likes ​Liverpool and has termed the ​Premier League as the best football league in the world.

"I think I am not only a fan; I think I know [football] history. English Premier League, for me, is the best league in the world. I follow everything," he said. 

He concluded, "I watch all the Champions League matches and Liverpool. But I'm a big fan of Real Madrid. But I like English Premier League, even if the worst teams are playing, they have the best games."