10 Most Expensive Siblings in Football

Siblings playing in football is not exactly unique in the sport, with a number of brothers making successful careers at various clubs. But there are some siblings whose combined transfer prices are so high that they overshadow other brothers in the sport, even if it is only one of the two siblings carrying the torch.

Here are the 10 most expensive siblings in football:

10. Nemanja and Uros Matic - €47.7 Million

Among the Matic brothers, Nemanja Matic is the more popular one and is currently plying his trade at Manchester United as a defensive midfielder. United bought him from Chelsea for €44.7 million. 

Uros Matic, on the other hand, is currently at Copenhagen, who bought him from Sturm Graz for €3 million. 

9. Yaya and Kolo Toure - €48.7 Million

Both the Toure brothers have had great success in their careers. Elder brother Kolo Toure had success at Arsenal, while Yaya Toure was a regular at Barcelona

Both brothers moved to Manchester City, with Yaya part of more trophy-winning teams as he became an iconic player in the club's history. City paid a combined €48.7 million for the brothers, with the younger brother costing more. 

8. Rio and Antonio Ferdinand - €56 Million

At one point, Rio Ferdinand was the most expensive defender in the world, when Manchester United bought him for €46 million from Leeds United. He went on to win multiple titles and the Champions League with the English club. 

Although Anton Ferdinand did not have similar success, he was still a decent player, for whom Sunderland paid a handsome €10 million, when he was at his peak.

7. Anthony and Johan Martial - €60.8 Million

Anthony Martial made a high profile move to Manchester United from Monaco in a deal worth €60 million, but the jury is still out on whether he merited that kind of money. 

The elder brother, Johan Martial, however, has not reached anywhere close to those heights, with Stade Brest 29 paying €800,000 for his services to SC Bastia. 

6. Kaka and Digao - €67.5 Million

Kaka was one of the most accomplished players on the planet, with his first spell at AC Milan being one of the best. The Brazilian won the World Cup with Brazil as well. It was no wonder that Real Madrid paid a handsome €67 million for his services, in the same year when they bought Cristiano Ronaldo. 

AC Milan also brought in Digao, Kaka's younger brother, but the €500,000 they paid for him was the only time anybody spent big money on him.

5. Romelu and Jordan Lukaku - €88.7 Million

Romelu Lukaku has made some high profile moves in his career so far, with both Everton and Manchester United paying big money for the player, after he initially joined Chelsea from Anderlecht as a teenager. 

In fact, United paid a handsome €84.7 million in 2017 for his services. The younger Lukaku is plying his trade in Serie A with Lazio, with the Italian club having paid €4 million to KV Oostende. 

4. Gonzalo and Federico Higuain - €91.3 Million

Gonzalo Higuain has been experiencing tough times of late in his career, especially considering his time with Chelsea, which was really not that good. However, Juventus had once paid a massive €90 million for his services to Napoli

Federico, the elder brother, however, has not had that kind of money spent on him, with the highest he ever cost being the €1.25 million Besiktas paid River Plate. 

3. Lucas and Theo Hernandez - €104 Million

Lucas Hernandez came through the Atletico Madrid youth system and made it to the first-team quite quickly. The Frenchman had a good four years in the first team before Atletico sold him to Bayern Munich to a massive €80 million this year. 

Although Theo Hernandez hasn't quite been valued in the same range, Real Madrid played Atletico a tidy €24 million, with the latter making a tidy profit on the brothers. 

2. Paul and Florentin Pogba - €105.5 Million

Paul Pogba may have moved to Juventus from Manchester United on a free transfer as a youngster, but the return was anything but cheap. The Frenchman was bought by the Manchester club for a massive €105 million, which was a world record for some time. 

Florentin Pogba, on the other hand, has cost a total sum of €500,000, when Saint-Etienne paid CS Sedan for his services.

1. Eden and Thorgan Hazard - €125.5 Million

With Eden Hazard's recent transfer to Real Madrid from Chelsea, he has gone up in the transfer price stakes. The Spanish club paid a good €100 million for the player, as part of their massive summer overhaul before the start of the new season. 

Meanwhile, Borussia Dortmund paid a tidy €25.5 million to Borussia Monchengladbach to secure the signing of exciting winger Thorgan this summer as well. 

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