​We have all read thousands of reports that have gone on and claimed in multiple ways how ​FC Barcelona legend Lionel Messi is the controller of the club as well as Argentina's dressing room and that he takes the decisions on how the team is supposed to play.

However, Messi's Barcelona teammate Suarez has now made it completely clear that the Argentinean maestro does nothing of that sort and does not try to impose his opinion on his team.

​Marca quote Suarez's interview with Fox in which he was asked to reveal the truth about reports which go on to show Messi's domination over the dressing room. 

Suarez started by stating, "I see that they say that Messi doesn't want this or the other, but he doesn't say anything. Neither about a coach nor about a player; nothing."

The Uruguayan forward continued, "In the national team I think it's the same, as they asked him things and he said: 'No, don't ask me anything; take the decision yourselves'."

Revealing if such reports and talks in the media affect or hurt Messi, Suarez concluded, "We talk about all this stuff and obviously it hurts him as he is a human. A football player has to be used to the fans' criticism, but not to external criticism."

Messi is currently on international duty with Argentina as he attempts to win his ​first major international trophy in the form of the Copa America this year.