​​​Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has backed ​Barcelona boss Ernesto Valverde amid criticism and reports that he would be sacked.

The Catalan club looked all set to win the treble this season, beating ​Liverpool 3-0 in the first leg of the​ Champions League semi-final and reaching the Copa del Rey final. With ​Real Madrid and ​Atletico Madrid struggling to reach the heights of Barcelona in the league, they secured it with ease, and looked to have set their focus on other competitions. 

However, the Reds overturned the 3-0 lead with a miraculous win at Anfield, despite losing two out of their three key attackers, and subsequently lost to Valencia in the Copa del Rey final as well, ending up with the league only. 

Most of the blame has fallen on the Catalan manager, as fans and pundits have equally called out his negative tactics. Former Barca manager, Guardiola however, has backed his compatriot, calling the managerial hotseat a position of immense pressure. 

"The coaches are not here to say if we deserve it or not," he said, as quoted by Spanish outlet Marca. "When they say that we were good or bad, it's good or bad. There are great demands at Barcelona and if you don't win all the trophies it seems that it's not fine."

"They won the league the way they won it due to the tough competition from Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Valencia, Real Betis and with a great season from Getafe. They won the league and reached the Copa del Rey final and the Champions League semi-finals. As a coach, from my point of view, they had a good season."

Guardiola helped the Manchester outfit win a historic domestic treble, but knocked out by ​Tottenham Hotspur in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.