A Buddhist temple in Bangkok, Thailand has a statue of David Beckham engraved into its altar. The statue was put in place as part of the World Cup celebrations in 1998. The Temple is famous for also containing statues of Barack Obama and Mickey Mouse 

Regarding Beckham, the United legend may have retired from the game six years ago, but the former ​Real Madrid winger still remains one of the most popular footballers on the planet as of today.

As reported by The Sun, one United fan in South-east Asia took his admiration for Beckham to another level by including a statue of the ex-​Manchester United star in a temple.

Although the statue was put in place in 1998, it has only become a tourist attraction recently. The statue of Beckham sees him crouching down while wearing a United kit.

In addition to Beckham, the temple in Thailand also includes statues of Barack Obama, Pinocchio, Mickey Mouse and Superman.