5 Teams That Played the Least Number of Long Balls Per Game in the 2018/19 Premier League

Football is not about just playing in one way, and it is always a mix of short passing, through balls and long balls too, but teams that predominantly depend on long balls more or less end up chasing balls. The more successful teams keep the long balls to a minimum.

Here are five Premier League teams who had the least long balls per game.

5. Liverpool - 60

Liverpool lost out on the Premier League title by just one point. They did have the second highest number of goals but it seems they used a mix of both short passes and long balls. The Reds are placed fifth in teams that used the least number of long balls, having an average of 60 per game. They do have the third highest average in terms of short passes so it was not just about punting it forward. 

4. Arsenal - 55

Arsenal finished fifth in the league standings, and will once again be playing in the Europa League rather than the Champions League, but they did do better than most teams in terms of depending on long balls during games. 

The Gunners have an average of 55 long balls per game in the league season, while they had the fifth highest in terms of short passes per game. 

3. Bournemouth - 52

Bournemouth did not have the greatest seasons in terms of league position, having only managed to finish 14th in the Premier League, but they did get into the top five of teams that have used the least long balls per game, with Bournemouth registering 52. 

Unfortunately, they were 10th in terms of short passes too, so it may well just be a case of having very less possession. 

2. Manchester City - 48

Manchester City won the Premier League title for the second season in a row, but only finished second in the list of teams that had the least long balls per game. Pep Guardiola's side registered 48 long balls per game and it is no wonder they are at the top of the list for short passes per game by a long distance. 

1. Chelsea - 46

Chelsea scraped through the second half of the season and managed to finish in third place in the Premier League, but they did that with a game of mostly short passes, considering they only had 46 long balls per game and making them the team that used that method of passing the least times.