​Cristiano Ronaldo is on seventh heaven after winning his second major trophy with his national team ​Portugal after they beat the Netherlands in the UEFA Nations League final.

The ​Juventus hitman is still going strong at 34-years-old and has always been hailed for continuous top performances for more than 15 years.

As reported by ​Marca, after winning the Nations League, Ronaldo spoke in an interview in which he stated, "There hasn't been a period where I've played badly, the numbers speak for themselves over the last 16 years."

He continued, "I've shown for the majority of my career, independently of what people say, the numbers speak for themselves."

Ronaldo has now won two international trophies with his country after leading Portugal to victory at Euro 2016 as well before Eder's goal won them the final then.

Speaking about his rendezvous with trophies, Ronaldo claimed, "It all helps, collective and individual trophies, but I'm not obsessed by trophies. Obviously I like them, I'm not going to lie."

Concluding by leaving it on the media to judge him, Ronaldo said, "I've won three trophies, I've played well, what more could I do? Do I deserve it? I don't know, I'm going to leave that with you. You are the ones that have to judge, I'm not going to assess myself."