Jordan Henderson

10 Most Successful Clubs in European Competition

European club competitions pit the best teams from the continent against each other, and it is always a sight to behold when superstars from the biggest clubs face each other to determine who fares better. 

There have been, over the years, some clubs who have won more consistently than the others when it comes to European competitions. Here are the top 10 most successful clubs in European competition:

10. Chelsea - 5

Chelsea are recent entrants to the European Cup winners list, but have won other competitions in the past. 

Before their one and only Champions League triumph in 2011/12, they had already won two Cup Winners' Cup trophies in 1970/71 and 1997/98. With the two Europa Leagues they have won in this decade, in 2012/13 and 2018/19 respectively, their count goes up to five. 

9. Manchester United - 5

Manchester United won their first Champions League title in the treble winning season of 1998/99, but had already won the European Cup back in 1967/98. 

Their second Champions League triumph was in 2007/08, at the expense of Chelsea. Along with the Europa League they won under Jose Mourinho in 2015/16 and the Cup Winners' Cup in 1990/91, their count is also at five. 

8. Juventus - 6

Juventus may be having a miserable time of late in their attempts to win the Champions League, and their desperation to win one soon is understandable, considering they last triumphed in the 1995/96 season. 

Before that, their previous win in the European Cup was in 1984/85. Apart from these two, three UEFA Cup trophies and one Cup Winners' Cup are part of their trophy collection.

7. Inter Milan - 6

Inter Milan are another Italian team that have won six European trophies in all. They had their sole Champions League triumph in 2009/10 but won two European Cups in 1963/64 and 1964/65 under the legendary Helenio Herrera. 

Apart from this, they had three UEFA Cup triumphs as well, in 1990/91, 1993/94 and 1997/98 and would be looking to get their next trophy soon enough.

6. Ajax - 6

Ajax reached the Champions League semi-finals this season after a long time, but in the past they were pretty regular winners. They had one Champions League triumph in 1993/94 and a hat-trick of European Cups in 1970/71, 1971/72 and 1972/73. 

Apart from these titles, they also have one UEFA Cup and one Cup Winners' Cup, to take their collection to a total of five so far.

5. Bayern Munich - 7

Bayern Munich won the Champions League just one season after they suffered last-minute heartbreak at the hands of Manchester United, but could only manage one more before that - in 2012/13. 

However, they were another team that won a hat-trick of European Cups, following right after Ajax with their own three - 1973/74, 1974/75 and 1975/76. It was a great time to be alive. They also have one UEFA Cup and one Cup Winners' Cup as well. 

4. Liverpool - 9

Liverpool just won their sixth European this season, ending their long wait for a proper trophy in style. The 2005 miracle of Istanbul still remains in memory. 

Before that though, they had a good phase in the 70s and 80s. They followed Bayern's hattrick with nearly a hat-trick of their own, winning the 1976/77 and 1977/78 titles but as is their wont, they disappointed by winning their next title only in 1980/81, ruining a perfect chance for symmetry. 

They also won in 1983/84 and added three UEFA Cups for good measure to take their total to nine.

3. AC Milan - 9

AC Milan may have fallen on hard times now, not even qualifying for the Champions League, but they were once a very strong force in Europe. 

They have seven European Cups to their name, with their latest coming in 2007, avenging their demons of Istanbul by beating Liverpool in the final. They also have two Cup Winners' Cups to their name. 

2. Barcelona - 12

Until not too long ago, Barcelona were at top spot, but considering their hated rival's rejuvenation in the last few years, they have been pushed back to second place. 

However, their place is also owed to a very recent resurgence themselves, winning four of their five European Cups in this millenium. They got the Champions League in 2005/06, 2008/09, 2010/11 and 2014/15, apart from winning the European Cup in 1991/92. 

Along with these, they have also won four Cup Winners' Cups. 

1. Real Madrid - 15

Real Madrid lead the list for most European trophies won, and without much surprise, because they have by far been the best team in European competitions. 

They have a mammoth 13 European Cups to their name, with four of their Champions League titles coming in the last six years, in what has been an extremely fruitful decade for Los Blancos

Apart from those, they also won two Cup Winners' Cups as well. 

10 most successful clubs in European competition